Fanda was one of the early mobile marketing providers, but today we are a 10-year veteran of enterprise texting, mobile marketing campaigns and omni-channel digital engagement options – including our powerful Digital Marketing Center.

The Fanda application makes it incredibly easy for sales and marketing teams to create digital connections with their customers with our peer-to-peer personalized messages at the time of the purchase and sync data, content, coupons, and review requests without writing code or creating messages and landing pages.

Fanda also provides tools for creating digital coupons, loyalty programs, landing pages, marketing automation, and reputation and social media management, with a unified reporting dashboard and integrations such as Google, Facebook, QuickBooks.

Fanda Marketing Center helps remove extra steps, time delays, increases efficiency, and gets instant/measurable results. Fanda gives you a comprehensive, managed, real-time, one-to-one (1:1) marketing solution. The software works on any internet-connected device. It’s fast, easy-to-use, and built to deliver measurable results to brands and dealers.

Streamlining the creation of digital connections with your customers! Businesses want more new & repeating customers, reviews, likes, and followers, yet they don’t have time, and easy to use automated marketing platform which will deliver instant & measurable results.

Since 2011 we have specialized in providing mobile & digital marketing for the retail, fintech, wireless & repair industries.


We create custom digital marketing automation solutions that address the specific needs of the independent business or of the brand & retail sales teams.

Our software works on any connected device, it’s fast, easy to use, & intuitive. In fact, any marketing action can be completed in only 3 steps.

We’ve helped hundreds of brands and small businesses since 2011.