Referral Program

The Add to Referral Program App enables your business to launch the referral marketing program to grow your customer’s base.

Referral marketing is a word-of-mouth initiative designed by for your company to incentivize existing customers to introduce their family, friends and contacts to become new customers.

Different to pure word-of-mouth strategies which are primarily customer directed with the company unable to track, influence and measure message content; referral marketing encourages and rewards the referrer for allowing a company to do so.

Benefits of the Referral Program Application
  • High-value, trusting customers.
  • Reward for referrals with a coupon, or a voucher, or gift card
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Measure Customer Satisfaction
  • Extend marketing reach.
Why you need the Referral Program Application

Imagine growing your business 5%-10% a month. Every month.‍ A referral program is the most sustainable acquisition channel but setting one up and informing your customers is not simple. Why does your businesses need to use referral marketing? Probably because the benefits of referral marketing are so great, here’s why.

It’s a lot easier to gain and keep a new customer through your existing customer’s inner circles, than it is to acquire a single new customer. A referral request creates a sense of trust, and that can create loyal customers.

In fact, referred customers are proven to stay with your business longer than other types of customers, as explained by the American Marketing Association.

How to enroll new customers into Referral Program?

When you decide that your business should launch a referral marketing program, you will need to configure and enable Add to Referral Program App. The Add to Referral Program application will be present on the Marketing Center dashboard.

When a customer makes a purchase at your business. you can offer them the option to instantly join the Referral Program and get rewarded for supporting your business and promoting it to others.
Fill out an Email or a Phone number, or launch a QR code to be scanned by the customer off your screen, next click 'Message personalization' (optional) to fill out detailed info. You can add up to four recipients at the time, so if you have multiple customers you can send them coupons with one click.
Click 'Message personalization' you can fill in first and last name of your customer and the product/service/package they purchased from your business. We highly recommend using this feature as a personal touch in your communication with the customer.
Use cases

In this section, we want to explain how businesses are using the Referral Program in order to automatically and consistently engage their customers. Referral program can be implemented on your website or a landing page, or app, or point of sale system in a variety of ways. You can use our Marketing center to enroll customers and embeddable widgets to get started in minutes or you can use our APIs for more advanced integrations.

A digital marketing solution like Fanda can integrate with the Point of Sale software your business already uses to automatically engage with your customers.

With a service like Fanda your business can interact with your customers and can collect data, encourage specific customer action and simply reminding them about your business in the positive, personal, and warm message and not a marketing call to action message..


Why Referral Marketing

A study found that referral marketing is trusted by 86% of customers, making it the most trusted form of marketing. A consumer is also 50X more likely to buy a product when it is recommended by their close friends and family.

Increase customer retention

Customers who participate in referral programs are much more likely to stay with your company. Because marketing to new consumers is more expensive than retaining your current customers.

Increased marketing reach

Referral marketing allows you to increase your outreach by using your customers as your company’s brand ambassadors and advocates. Because many people have a diverse circle of friends and family, customer referrals will also allow you to expand your client base.

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