POS System Integration

Fanda specializes in serving cannabis brands and dispensaries with its innovative Point of Sale Marketing software & customer-facing screens. It helps businesses to create a deeper connection with their customers, leading to increased engagement, sales, and loyalty.

The software seamlessly integrates with any POS system, making it a versatile solution for businesses. Fanda welcomes collaboration with any POS system, providing businesses with access to its vast array of intelligent marketing automation features.

Fanda has recently announced an integration with Cova Cannabis POS, which will offer dispensaries and brands more options to enhance their customer experience at the time of the sale.

With Fanda’s POS integration, businesses can take their customer experience to the next level.

What are the benefits of POS Marketing?
  • Automated marketing actions
  • Real-time in-store engagement
  • Manual control POS marketing
  • Enhanced advertising & promotion
  • Variety of conditional triggers
  • Easy marketing assets management
POS Integration with Fanda

Here’s how POS integration with Fanda can boost the activity of any business

Automated marketing actions: When POS marketing is automated, it streamlines customer engagement, making it more efficient and effective.

Real-time in-store engagement: The best time to connect with your customers is when they are in front of you!

Manual control (override) POS marketing: POS marketing can also be used for manual engagement flow, which allows businesses to customize their interaction with customers.

Enhanced advertising & promotions: POS marketing can be used to display advertisements on the POS system’s customer-facing screen. This feature can help businesses promote their products and services, offer discounts and deals, and increase brand awareness.

Variety of conditional triggers: Set POS conditions to trigger specific marketing action based on the dollar amount, product, brand, and category of the POS order.

Easy marketing material management: No more keeping the flyer printout designs in a ‘New Folder 23’. Fanda offers an intuitive and reliable storage & sorting system.

How it works

As a versatile system, Fanda welcomes collaboration and integration with all POS system providers on the market, ensuring businesses have access to its vast array of digital marketing features and are in compliance with all current rules and regulations related to marketing communications.

Here is how Fanda’s POS integration works:

When a triggering action occurs, i.e. customer spends a certain amount, Fanda will automatically share predetermined marketing material, such as a coupon, with the customer. Businesses have the option to send marketing material through text messages, email, short links, or QR codes.
For businesses using a Customer Facing Display, Fanda recommends using a QR code for marketing action delivery. This approach works seamlessly with Fanda's automated flow and enhances the overall customer experience at the register.
By leveraging Fanda's state-of-the-art POS marketing system, businesses can gain a competitive edge and improve their marketing efforts. Businesses can tailor marketing campaigns to their specific audience and business needs.
Use cases

POS integration with Fanda resolves a wide array of issues that businesses face every day.

Let’s see what some of them are and what Fanda’s got to offer.

Get Great Reviews

By setting up a trigger action based on the customer’s spending, Fanda can prompt the customer-facing display to pop up with a template that asks the customer to leave a review. The process is straightforward and efficient, with customers simply needing to scan a QR code to leave a review.

Fanda’s approach to obtaining positive reviews not only benefits the business but also enhances the customer experience. By offering an opportunity for customers to provide feedback and share their positive experiences, businesses can build trust and strengthen their relationship with customers.

Fanda’s innovative POS marketing system is designed to enhance the overall customer experience, improve business reputation, and drive customer loyalty.

Share Your Coupons

With Fanda’s advanced POS marketing system, businesses can set up a trigger action that automatically offers clients a coupon on the customer-facing display. All it takes for clients to redeem the coupon is to scan a QR code. This automated process not only saves time but also increases the likelihood that clients will return to the business, bringing more business and revenue to the company.

By automating the process of sharing coupons, businesses can enhance the customer experience and improve their competitive edge. Fanda’s innovative POS marketing software is designed to help businesses leverage the power of automation to increase customer loyalty, drive business growth, and improve their bottom line.

Increase Customer Loyalty

You might have experienced the tedious process of filling out a loyalty program form that has 15 fields, including your phone number, zip code, email, and whatnot.

Let’s make it simple and easy for you with Fanda’s solution. You can set a trigger that displays a ‘Sign Up for Loyalty Program’ QR code on the customer-facing screen. Your customers can scan the code and quickly fill out the required fields with the autocomplete information they have on their phones.

This way, you can save your customers from the headache of filling out long forms and make the sign-up process effortless and seamless.

Get Followers

If you’re currently trying to expand your social media presence, why not showcase it on a customer-facing screen? When a customer is waiting in line during a purchase, set up a trigger action to display a QR code that leads them to your social media pages.

Since we’re all scrolling through our phones while waiting in line, you can convert this habit to benefit your business. Customers waiting in line will be scrolling through your social media feed, increasing the chances of future purchases.

Promote Your App

Why make your customers go through the hassle of searching for your app on the App Store and risk being tricked by scammers, who might be posing as your business?

With Fanda, you can offer a safe and secure way to access your app by providing a direct link through a QR code displayed on the customer facing screen during the purchase process.

This way, your customers can easily download your app without worrying about the safety of their data, and they will appreciate the extra effort you put into ensuring their security.

Collect Customer Data

The ultimate way to personalize the customer experience is to pay attention to the history of each customer.

While this is semi-realistic for tiny businesses, this is completely impossible for medium businesses or chain businesses.

This is why Fanda offers a way to collect & store customer data for whatever marketing purposes you may wish to use it.

A nice bonus, Fanda also helps you collect customers’ consent to participate in your marketing activities.

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