Print flyers with QR codes

Combine the best of the offline and online marketing.

Print your flyers directly from your Fanda Marketing Center, and you’ll have the convenience of digital tools and the engaging factor of a flyer in one ad.

With help of the QR’s in your templates, your flyers will function as a portal to various marketing channels – your social media, digital loyalty and rewards programs, special offers and new products or services.

Benefits of the Print flyers with QR codes
  • Print flyers directly from CFS templates
  • Multi-channel solution
  • Attract and retain customers
  • Combine the physical and the digital
QR codes on printed materials - Why?

Printed promotional materials remain effective to this day.

Instead of being torn between the traditional and the digital, go ahead and merge them.

Considering this, you could remain torn between the print and digital dilemma, or you can choose to merge both the digital and print strategies.

Share your updates and advertise your services by letting your customers scan QR codes.

How It Works
Use Template Library to create images with QR codes for your CFS
Go to 'CFS Display Templates' in your Admin Panel. Choose the template you'd like to print, and click the print icon.
Hand out your materials and watch your clients engage in multichannel activities.
Use cases

Here are just a few ways you can use printed materials from your Fanda Marketing Center to drive more attention to your business.

Make it easy to follow you

Make it super simple for your audience to like, comment, subscribe and follow you on social media by putting all of your accounts in one place.

Printing your ‘Follow us’ CFS template allows you to effectively run social media activities.

You’ll immediately get a portal to your online platforms, increasing your impressions, engagement, and even sales.

Or drive your foot traffic to your online shop!

Use Loyalty Program

Print out ‘Loyalty Program’ template from the Fanda Marketing Center Template Library

Digital loyalty programs and coupons drive customers into stores.  What Fanda does is it tracks your clients’ involvement with your business and rewards them – or gives you the opportunity to reward them yourself. It could be a system of point tiers, automated offers or anything really.

With a super-easy access straight from a printed flyer!

Ask for reviews or feedback

Good reviews are a must – but most of the satisfied clients just can’t be bothered to leave them.

Grow your reviews by printing ‘Review us online’ CFS template. A client who gets a direct access to a company’s profile is way more likely to leave feedback than someone who has to google that business first.

You can later use this same QR code in the emails to your clients. Why limit yourself only to printed materials when you can have it all?

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