Templates Library

Creating visual materials is crucial in our visual-driven world – but how much time and money are you willing to dedicate to this? Wouldn’t it be easier if you had it all ready and waiting for you?

Fanda CFS offers you a client-friendly Template Library to get the most use out of the time your clients spend checking out your screen.

Benefits of the Templates Library
  • Engage with your brand quickly
  • Multiple offers on one screen
  • Simple user-interface
  • Conversion-oriented design
  • Third-party-friendly
Why you need the Templates Library

Templates Library is your direct access to customer-friendly POS materials ready to be used on your CFS.

Display your information to the customers via an interactive screen, advertise your services, and let customers scan the QR codes to perform the actions you need.

Stay ahead of competition, the QR code usage statistics in 2022 show a 443% scan increase! The number of US smartphone users scanning a QR code will increase to 99.5 million in 2025.

Also, you don’t need to limit yourself to Fanda products only when you’re setting up your templates. Use Template Library to promote your services hosted on other platforms – all it takes is a link.

How It Works

To make the best use of Template Library, Fanda can now provide its clients with a set of devices configured to be used with the Fanda Marketing Center. A set consists of one employee tablet, one customer tablet, a rotating platform for the customer tablet, and a scanner.

Set up your Fanda Marketing Center account, then connect your Customer Facing Screen to your Fanda Marketing Center account.
Go to Admin Panel and open a CFS Display Templates tab. Use any of the pre-made designs, alter them according to your needs - or upload your own images.
Enjoy an increase in your POS marketing results! Measure the feedback and alter the CFS templates accordingly.
Use cases

Give your customers more ways to interact with your business.

Template Library for a CFS is a great way to enhance your POS marketing. Let’s see how to make the best use of the ads with your brand’s services with help of QR codes that will be displayed on the screens for customers to scan.

Display your deals and offers

Fanda will display your offers and marketing content with QR codes on a customer-facing screen.

Your customers will be able to choose the most interesting offer and get it instantly by scanning the QR code.

Don’t waste the precious time and money on designing the images you’ll only use once on your CFS. Use the Template Library and alter the images that have already been proven to convert well – and adjust them to your business needs.

Encourage participation

Adding a slider with a QR code at the point of sale makes it easier for customers to join and participate in a mobile club or digital loyalty and rewards program using only their cell phone.

Don’t let your client waste the time they spend waiting for the service. Make use of their time & attention by involving them in your marketing activities. Signing up for your loyalty club or digital program is an excellent alternative to scrolling through social media.

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