Loyalty Program

One-stop solution for the creation, distribution, and validation of Digital Loyalty & Rewards Cards. Fanda simplifies maintaining relationships with your customers with our Loyalty Programs solution for your business.

Customer retention is the name of the game! Digital loyalty programs and coupons drive customers into storefronts and our platform tracks points or “visits” issuance and rewards are automatically sent to customers when they reach preset tier, and keeps customers engaged with automated offers and geo-location notifications.

Benefits of the Loyalty & Rewards Marketing Application
  • Ready-made templates
  • Simple user-interface
  • Easy to edit or create a new one
  • Images library or import your own
  • Multiple program type options
  • Multiple points/stamps issuance options
Why you need the Loyalty & Rewards Marketing Application

You can’t underestimate the importance of customer loyalty and retention marketing. Loyal customers are likely to buy more often from you and spend more money on each purchase. Loyal customers are likely to give your business positive online reviews, follow your business on social media, and refer their friends and family to your business. Plus, keeping existing customers costs less than acquiring new ones.

Did You Know: A 5% Increase in Retention Increases Profits by Up to 95%

Reward current customers. If you want your current customers to feel good about supporting your brand, a loyalty program can help.

  • Reduce slow days and seasons.

  • Reduce costs.

  • Create mailing lists.

  • Boost profits.

  • Find new clients.

  • Improve brand reputation.

  • Get ahead of competitors.

How to enroll new customers & issue stamps / points to your existing customers.

When you decide that your business should start offering Digital Loyalty Program to your customers, you will need to configure your Loyalty Program and enable Enroll to Loyalty Program App for your Marketing Center.

Create Digital Loyalty Cards Start from one of the many template Loyalty Cards and completely customize it to your branding. Fanda’s customer success team will assist you with program setup and configuration if you will require any help with your program.
Publish Digital Loyalty Cards Publish your Loyalty Cards within a few clicks. now you can enroll your customers into the loyalty program; in-store, online, on Facebook, or via SMS or email messages.
Validate & Issue Point / Stamps When customer visiting your business and makes a qualifying purchase, you can issue points or stamps according to the rules of your program via the Issue Points App.
Use cases

In this section, we want to explain how businesses are using digital loyalty programs in order to retain and engage their customers.

This will help businesses understand how digital loyalty program will help them meet their needs and ensure customers next visit.

A digital marketing solution like Fanda can integrate with the Point of Sale software your business already uses to automatically issue and apply points and rewards.

With a service like Fanda your coupons can interact with your customers and can collect data, encourage specific customer action (download app, watch a video, share on Facebook) and send geofencing push notification when customer is near your business location.

How Loyalty Program works

Loyalty and reward programs are rewarding your customers who repeatedly interact with your brand / business. It’s a customer retention marketing strategy that encourages customers to continue buying from your brand rather than competitors. The more a customer buys or engages with the brand, the more rewards they earn.

Benefits of a Loyalty Program

Data from Accenture shows that US customers who are part of a loyalty program create 12-18% more revenue than those who are not. If you customers have an incentive to keep shopping with you, a customer is more likely to choose you over a competitor. The cost of retaining a customer is at least 5x lower than the cost of acquiring a new one.

Competitive Advantage

If a customer is a member of your loyalty program, they’ll have one more reason to choose you over your competitors. Loyalty programs help your business to get to know your customers better. They give you personal information about the customer and allow you to observe their shopping habits and preferences.

Personalize rewards for the best result

Make it easy for customers to join your program and earn rewards by tailoring loyalty offers around their typical purchases. Issue rewards redeemable at your business for products and services relevant to your customer needs.

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