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Customer satisfaction is one of the few levers brands can still pull to differentiate themselves in crowded and competitive marketplaces. Today, the brand with the best customer experience usually wins. Understand every customer, at every meaningful moment with intelligent conversations.

The Send Post-Visit Survey App enables Fanda’s users to deliver links to the survey to your customers in real-time.

Want to reward your customers for completing the survey? No problem!

The Send Post-Visit Survey can include a coupon or gift card to reward your customer upon completing the survey.

Benefits of the Post-Visit Survey Application
  • Ready-made templates
  • Simple user-interface
  • Multiple reward options
  • Multiple survey delivery options
Why you need the Post-Visit Survey Application

Your business wants to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, but how do you measure their satisfaction and collect feedback?

Information gathered can help in validating decisions and demonstrates to your existing and loyal customer base that you are interested in serving their needs.

High levels of customer satisfaction … are strong predictors of customer and client retention, loyalty, and product repurchase. Not to mention, poor customer satisfaction can actively harm your brand.

The average American consumer will tell 16 other people about poor customer experiences, and it takes brands an average of 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience.

How to send the post-visit survey your customers.

When you decide that your business should start actively collecting feedback from your customers, you will need to configure and enable Send Post-Visit Survey App. The survey link will be added to the Send Post-Visit Survey application in the Marketing Center dashboard.

When a customer makes a purchase at your business. you can offer them the option to instantly receive a satisfaction survey from your business, moreover there is a coupon for next purchase issued upon completing the survey. Open the Send Post-Visit Survey App and send preset survey link to your customer.
Fill out an Email or a Phone number, or launch a QR code to be scanned by the customer off your screen, next click 'Message personalization' (optional) to fill out detailed info. You can add up to four recipients at the time, so if you have multiple customers you can send them coupons with one click.
Click 'Message personalization' you can fill in first and last name of your customer and the product/service/package they purchased from your business. We highly recommend using this feature as a personal touch in your communication with the customer.
Use cases

In this section, we want to explain how businesses are using Send a Survey App in order to engage their customers and collect post-visit feedback. This will help businesses understand how post-visit surveys will help them meet their needs and ensure customers next visit.

A digital marketing solution like Fanda can integrate with the Point of Sale software your business already uses to automatically engage with your customers to collect feedback.

With a service like Fanda your business can interact with your customers and can collect data, encourage specific customer action (download app, watch a video, share on Facebook) and send geofencing push notification when customer is near your business location.

What is a Post-Visit Survey?

Customer satisfaction surveys are questionnaires that measure customer sentiment towards a product, service or a specific micro-level interaction like a customer service interaction.

Talk to Your Customers to Collect Post-Visit Feedback

Create mobile-friendly surveys in minutes, add your branding logo and colors.
Award number of points for each answer and issue a reward or coupon upon completion. Add multiple questions and answer options, each question is presented on the dedicated page with answer options.

Reward Customers for Providing Feedback

Upon completion, the customer is awarded the coupon or gift card of your choice. Customer data is captured at the time of the redemption.

Why every business should consider surveys 

Post-visit customer satisfactions surveys provide invaluable feedback on how your customers perceive your products, services, support and brand.

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