Send a Payment Link

Deliver preset links to your payment page, recurring payments sign-up page or online shopping store. The Payment Link App lets our users deliver customizable links several ways; SMS, email or a QR Code.

Remove delays and barriers and provide outstanding customer experience by sending a direct link vs asking customer to find your page online and depend on the customer’s willingness to act on your instructions.

Need to send two different payment links? No problem!

You can configure two different payment links for your customer’s convenience and ease of use.

Benefits of the Send Payment Link Application
  • Simple user-interface
  • Easy to edit or create a new one
  • Option to add one or two payment links
  • Multiple delivery methods
Why you need the Send Payment Link Application

If you make it easier for your customers to buy your products and services, or make payments to your online, it will result in additional revenue for your business.

Providing convenience in addition to your products and services, is one of the best marketing strategies for any business. If you make it easy for your customers to place an order on your website, they will happily use the opportunity.

How to send the payment link to your customers.

When you decide that your business should start promoting online payments to your retail or over the phone customers, you will need to configure and enable Send a Payment Link App.

When a customer needs to make an online payment or order, you can offer them the option to instantly receive a link to the product or service page or a website. Open the Send a Payment Link App and add new recipient.
Fill out an Email or a Phone number, or launch a QR code to be scanned by the customer off your screen, next click 'Message personalization' (optional) to fill out detailed info. You can add up to four recipients at the time, so if you have multiple customers you can send them payment links with one click.
Click 'Message personalization' you can fill in first and last name of your customer and the product/service/package they purchased from your business. We highly recommend using this feature as a personal touch in your communication with the customer. Your customer will instantly receive the link and will be redirected to preset web page.
Use cases

In this section, we want to explain how businesses are using the Send Payment Link App in order to engage their customers and make it easier for them to make payments, buy products or services, and sign up for recurring or auto-payment. This will help businesses understand how Send Payment Link App will help them increase sales online and remotes and automated ordering from existing customers base.

A digital marketing solution like Fanda can integrate with the Point of Sale software your business already uses to automatically apply and validate digital coupons.

With a service like Fanda your coupons can interact with your customers and can collect data, encourage specific customer action (download app, watch a video, share on Facebook) and send geofencing push notification when customer is near your business location.

Mobile Payments Are Convenient

It’s obvious, contactless payments are the most convenient transaction that can be completed a lot quicker. Mobile payments, then, allow for lower wait times at checkout which, in turn, improves the customer experience.

Improve Customer Experience

Your customers are more than ready to use a payment method that can help them to avoid wait times when paying for the goods and services. By providing an opportunity for customers to pay at any time, you provide not only a convenient solution but a payment experience.

Easy option to sign-up for Autopay

An automatic payment is an arrangement with a business that allows the business to periodically withdraw money from a credit card or a bank account to pay a bill, or renew service, or make a monthly recurring order.

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