How it Works?

How does Fanda work?

How does it enhance POS marketing?

Business owners and marketing managers prefer straight and clear answers, preferably with some metrics behind them.

After all, there’s always a risk when it comes to a new platform. At the very least, that risk is time and money.

So what exactly does Fanda have to offer? And how does it deliver its promise?

When is the best time to sell your brand?

When customers are ready to pay for their order or service at the point of sale, they usually are at their highest point.

So why not use it for the shop’s benefit?

A customer can be offered a coupon for their next visit or asked to leave online review, or refer their friends & family.

Customers can scan a QR code from the screen and instantly see branded landing page for marketing action selected by the merchant/cashier.

They enjoy the ease and convenience of immediate access to the marketing offers right from their phones.

Customer experience

The best ad is the one that’s given just on time, when a customer needs it and is ready to receive it.

This is exactly what Fanda provides!

It allows you to share the most appropriate marketing information at the most appropriate moment – and without any human involvement!


  1. 1. A customer comes to your Point of Sale to make a purchase
  2. 2. A purchase is being processed by your POS system
  3. 3. Depending on the activity trigger you’ve set up, a customer receives a piece of marketing material.
  4. 4. Let’s say, they’ve spent $10 – and now they are asked to leave a review. Or they’ve spent $20 – and they get a coupon for their next purchase.
  5. 5. The materials show up on the Customer Facing Screen in form of a QR code or a short link. We strongly suggest going for QR’s.

Employee experience

The employees can now cut back a little on the need to be actively involved in promoting the brand’s newest deals.

They’ve got Fanda for that.

A Customer-Facing Screen at the Point of Sale isn’t the only option Fanda has to offer.

By introducing Advertisement Displays and Digital Kiosks in your business unit, you’ll facilitate the distribution of marketing information.

And when the employees get into the situations when some marketing initiative is needed – they’ll be more relaxed and better equipped to manage it to the benefit of your business.

Business owner experience

Fanda gives you the ability to build an hierarchy of access for various employees in charge within one unit – or within a chain.

Besides, you’ll have an instant continuous influx of analytics from all the devices and all types of customer activities. We strongly advise using Fanda’s ecosystem of products, as it follows each step of your customers in interacting with your marketing materials. If not, Fanda’s designed to synchronize smoothly with any products you’ve already got in place.