3 Strategies for Dispensaries Post-Holiday Season

Every year, businesses go all out to boost sales during the holiday season. But once the decorations are packed away, sales tend to slow down. Here are some simple strategies for your cannabis dispensary as we step into the new year:

  • Boost Your Online Presence: Your customers may have spent the past few weeks on the road traveling to visit friends and family, or running from store to store to find that perfect last-minute gift. The last thing they want to do is run out and do more shopping. Make things convenient for your customers by shining a spotlight on your online store.
  • Thank Your Regulars: Say thanks by throwing a customer appreciation day, week, or even a month. Dish out discounts on certain products, maybe even clear out some leftover holiday stock. It’s a win-win.
  • Get Tech-Savvy: Upgrade your tech with Fanda’s In-Store Marketing Platform. It’s the simplest way to create an instant digital bridge between dispensaries, brands, and customers right at the time of purchase. It enables point-of-sale digital marketing for promotions, customer feedback, loyalty program enrollment, and more.
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