4 Steps to a Successful Cannabis Dispensary Customer Survey

Gathering feedback from your cannabis dispensary customers can provide valuable insights for improvement. To create an effective survey tailored to your business, follow these four straightforward guidelines:

  • Keep it short and relevant: People don’t want to spend ages answering surveys. To boost participation, keep your questions concise and directly related to the customer experience;
  • Choose the right moment: Don’t send surveys to new customers or those who’ve just signed up. Instead, target customers after they’ve had a significant interaction with your dispensary, a few weeks after purchase, or after onboarding;
  • Test it out: To ensure your survey works well, conduct A/B testing. Create two versions with slight differences, like question order, the number of questions, wording, or button colors. This helps you figure out which version gets more responses;
  • Say thanks: Always express gratitude to customers for their feedback, no matter what it is. You can offer a small incentive like a gift card or discount. Showing appreciation encourages ongoing engagement and fosters a positive relationship.
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