8 Compelling Reasons to Sell Gift Cards into Your Cannabis Dispensary

Discover why gift cards can be a good idea for your cannabis dispensary. Gift cards aren’t just convenient, they can boost your business in multiple ways. Here’s why:

1. Customers using gift cards typically spend 20% – 50% more than the average purchase.

2. Gift Cards are the #1 requested gift every holiday season and have been for 10 years.

3. 72% of gift card purchasers spend more money than the value of the card while redeeming.

4. On average, American households have $300 in unused gift cards.

5. The top occasion for gift card purchases is Christmas, followed by birthdays and then Mother’s – Day.

6. The average holiday shopper will spend $213.49 on gift cards.

7. At least 19% of gift card buyers will purchase a gift card for a coffee shop during the holiday season.

8. Over 45% of people will not redeem their entire gift card.

Fanda, one of the leading e-commerce service providers, offers a gift card solution for cannabis dispanseries. If you need any assistance with launching a gift card program, you can reach out to us.

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