Basic Rules to Follow While Building Cannabis Brand on Social Media

Social media marketing is an extremely cost-effective tool, but there are limitations for cannabis-related businesses. Here are 3 basic rules for building your cannabis brand on social media:

– Educate without selling: Since photos of cannabis flowers and products may get flagged on social media, it’s better to publish educational content like behind-the-scenes pictures of how certain products are made or what kind of packaging you are using without promoting cannabis.

– Engage Regularly: Always respond to comments timely, and address all queries of your customers. Try and post short videos about your dispensary or employees occasionally to create a buzz- video content is always more engaging.

– Always have a backup: Cannabis accounts get suspended regularly on social media channels. Ensure that you have a few backup accounts where you create occasional posts so that you can get quickly back up and running if your main account gets shut down. Save all your assets in a cloud drive so that all that hard work does not go to waste.

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