Effective Social Media Strategies for Cannabis Dispensaries.

States and provinces across America have restrictions on marketing and advertising cannabis products online. You must review all regulations and other guidelines on marketing a cannabis retail store before diving into a cannabis social media management strategy.

Your content in social media should be informational and meaningful, which prompts your audience to consume and share it, but not promotional, because content that directly or indirectly promotes the use of cannabis is prohibited on most social media.

  • Create contests with unique hashtags encouraging buyers to share their purchases on social media, assisting word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Capitalize on the holiday season sales and big occasions like 420 by creating content that encourages the purchase of select products like gift cards.
  • Establish a professional tone of voice and language aligned with your brand image.
  • Monitor social media conversations, and respond promptly to comments and DMs.
  • Set your goals and KPIs, and regularly analyze your social media performance.
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