Reviews Matter: Elevate Your Cannabis Retail with Fanda

Customer reviews are a local ranking factor and help promote word-of-mouth marketing. All things being equal, if your marijuana dispensary has no Google reviews but your competitor does, guess who’ll have the edge.

To encourage people to leave an online review, you need to be thinking about this regularly as you interact with customers. Asking them to review your dispensary should become natural, and ideas to do so include:

  • Send an email to customers after they make a purchase and ask them to leave a review on your GBP listing. Other options are Leafly, Weedmaps, and Yelp.
  • Ask your “regular” customers in person. Reaching out on a personal level can be quite effective.
  • Use Google’s Marketing Kit to create social posts that encourage people to leave a review.

Fanda helps businesses to generate reviews with a powerful suite of solutions. Whether you need help with getting new reviews, managing reviews, or monitoring reviews, Fanda has you covered. Our streamlined and simplified review process will help your business deliver a fantastic customer experience and grow like never before.

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