Why Birthday Marketing Matters For Dispensary Customer Loyalty

A birthday message is a great way to say “we care about you” and show your customers a little extra appreciation. Most people keep an eye on their birthday wishes so they will gratefully find your message for sure. You can offer a discount, a special offer, or a free gift with purchase. This in turn will lead to increased revenue, trust, and loyalty to your dispansery.   

Congratulations messages are also an excellent marketing technique, which gives you a perfect opportunity for another point of contact. By sending birthday greetings to customers in the form of various unique offers or gifts, you have the chance to drive more transactions and build loyalty for your brand.

Experian survey found that birthday emails had a 481% higher transaction rate, resulted in 342% higher revenue, and had a 179% higher unique click rate when compared to other promotional emails.

Fanda’s powerful & automated birthday club application helps to create better relationships with the customers of your dispensary. Contact us for more information!

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